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Q: What method can I use to address Invitations?
Invitations can be addressed using neat handwriting or calligraphy.
Q: Is there a proper way to address guest on the invitation?
A: Yes.
Wedding invitations are always addressed to both members of a married couple, even though the bride may know only one or knows that only one will attend.
Q: What is a "Save the Date" Announcement?
Many lists contain guests that must travel from out of town for this special day. Because invitations are typically mailed between six to eight weeks prior to the wedding, there may not be enough time for the guest to make arrangements. It is important that these out of town guests receive a "Save the Date" announcement several months prior to your wedding date.
Q: What is the purpose of a Wedding Announcement?
Printed announcements are used to communicate the news of your wedding to family and friends. Do not send announcements to guests that were invited to your wedding.
Q: How about Engagement Announcements?
The announcement of an engagement is typically an informal notification, and lets family and friends know of your recent engagement and pending nuptials. The engagement announcement does not need to match the wedding invitations.  
Q: I'm not sure how to handle Response Cards?
Respond Cards, RSVPs, or Response Sets are sent to the guests so they may indicate in return whether they will be attending, and how many of the invited guests to expect. The respond cards include a card, and a stamped envelope that is usually printed with a return name and address. The card is typically imprinted with a phrase such as "The favor of a reply is requested", and a spot to indicate how many guests can be expected.
Q: Can I get envelopes early so I can get busy?
Envelopes may be ordered for early delivery prior to the rest of the order. The outer envelopes need to be filled out with guests names and addresses, while the inner envelopes need to include the guests names alone.
Q: Is there an easy way to handle the Return Address?

A return address should be pre-printed on the flap of the outer envelope of your invitations. With the pre-printed return address on the outer envelope, any invitations that are undeliverable will be promptly returned to you.


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